Law firm sets precedent as first Fort Lauderdale family law firm dedicated to men’s rights

Story here. Excerpt:

'Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) November 17, 2009 -- Gerald Adams and Associates is the first Fort Lauderdale family law firm dedicated to fighting for Men’s Rights in the civil court room. This firm provides all services related to family law including divorce, parenting plans and time-sharing (custody rights), spousal support, asset distribution, paternity, child support, domestic violence and even post- trial- litigation.

Gerald Adams and Associates is determined to break through the politically correct barriers where society and prehistoric family courts have stereotypically favored mothers and wives in domestic violence and family law proceedings. The firm’s business manager, Ila Bennett explained, “Most clients don’t even know to look for a men’s rights attorney in South Florida, they simply search for a Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney for men or family law firm in Fort Lauderdale. Taboo social issues such as spousal support for the stay- at - home dad and cases where the husband has been emotionally and even physically abused, is society’s dirty little secret.”'

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