Soccer hair-pulling fuels debate over sport sexism

Article here. Excerpt:

'NEW YORK — The vicious hair-pulling of an opponent was inexcusable. But prominent advocates of women's sports say that so, too, has been much of the commentary generated by the popular video of college soccer player Elizabeth Lambert's combative tactics in a recent game.

"Catfight" has been a term commonly used in cyberspace reactions to the video clip now seen by millions of people around the world. One Web site ran a poll: "Do you find violent women sexy?" Some bloggers — lapsing into old stereotypes — suggested Lambert's menstrual cycle was a factor.

"It's clearly sexist," said Terry O'Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, as she assessed the overall reaction to Lambert's rough play in a Nov. 5 game between her New Mexico team and Brigham Young.

"It's obvious there are still some people in this country who just can't accept that women want to play sports, and sometime sports get rough."'

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Huh? Well, do you? The silence is deafening!

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You mean women have periods and it might affect their emotional state? Science and everyday observation be damned - if it can be perceived as reflecting negatively on women, then it must be wrong!

Actually, it makes more sense that feminists would agree that there are effects of menstruation on emotion, because they excuse women's violence when it is based in emotion. I guess that pretending there are no differences between the sexes is more important.


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