UK: Women lying about being raped to claim compensation

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women lying about being raped to claim compensation: - Women in the UK may be accusing men of rape simply to get the thousands of pounds compensation. This can only have the effect of bringing into disrepute the action of reporting a rape and could make true victims even less likely to report the crime.

Two recent cases have highlighted this sad state of affairs and show how the table may well be turned on women who falsely accuse men of rape.

Sarah-Jane Hilliard had accused Grant Bowers of raping her and immediately applied for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. She was found out after investigations found that her story had been lies and her friend was unable to corroborate her story. Meanwhile Mr Bowers has been left traumatised by the events and claims to have lost his confidence. However, a recent ruling may well allow Mr Bowers to claim compensation himself.'


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manonthestreet You might


You might think that this article is supportive of people falsely accused. But you would be wrong. Once you get past the first few paragraphs you will see it is a profoundly feminist article and definitely against men.

The author does not seem to know which side it's on

I agree with you that the article leans more in favor of the 'kill 'em all and let God sort it out' stance that feminists hold in regards to those accused of rape.

But, it may be that the author has grown up brainwashed by feminist dogma and these few cases where false accusers are seeing some consequences at all for their horrific action, could be causing the earliest signs of an awakening of the authors mind from it's slumber. It (authors gender unknown as piece is unsigned) does close the article pondering the idea of whether or not false accusers should be punished as harshly as rapists, so maybe they are just starting to come around.

In that sense, it could be seen as a positive shift that feminist dogma is at least starting to be questioned at all rather then just blindly accepted. I mean we still have so many who just blindly regurgitate the feminist position on such things that anyone even paying lip service to MRAs ideas on the issues is something that should be encouraged.

Plus, at least the UK is not as bad as Canada. Here, the "victim" does not need to obtain a conviction to claim thousands in tax free money, the complaint alone is sufficient. Oh, and just as the mentally ill woman who falsely accused me discovered, even when the accused (me) is acquitted of all charges, she got to keep the cash. The true north strong and FEMINIST... makes me sick

Tax free money?

The government gave her money or you had to give her money? Either way, since you were acquitted she should be entitled to zip. She should also have to pay your legal bills. It would also be nice, but perhaps a pipe dream, if she were charged with at least making a false police report, if nothing else... I suppose the woman you are talking about could make a living by simply accusing any man she encounters of sexual harassment (rape). I realize that I used "should", "would" and "could" a few too many times here...

Not to go off on a tangent but the term "sexual harassment" is ridiculous. If a guy touches a woman's rear end he can be charged with sexual harassment. If a guy actually "rapes" a woman he can be charged with sexual harassment. How the hell are these crimes similar? Is whistling at a woman considered sexual harassment here in Canada? What about unsolicited kissing?

Please excuse me while I vomit.

It's Government money stolen from citizens

In Canada, we have what is called the Victim Services Fund. A Government run pile of cash collected through the introduction of the Victim Surcharge of 15% levied on all fines issued in Canada. If you get a speeding ticket, parking ticket, DUI, Housing code violation.... ANY fine from a government agency, you must pay the victim surcharge on top of the amount of the fine. It's like a tax on tickets.

This money goes to all sorts of feminist organizations, but part of it is offered as Victim Services Money to victims of crime. This is AUTOMATICALLY offered in sexual assault cases upon complaint being filed with the police. No one ever even has to be arrested for the victim to collect money. This money is supposedly offered for things like temporary housing or towards education or for to hire therapists to assist through the trauma of going to court as a victim of sexual assault. In reality it's a no strings attached tax free check.

In my case I was the fourth person my accuser had charged with sexual assault in COMPLETELY UNRELATED incidents. So she is a serial false accuser. She managed one conviction against her step-father. She has been hospitalized for mental illness and in listening to her testify at my trial it would seem she is under the impression that every male she has ever met had raped her. Sick girl, but I don't care how sick she is the cops should not be taking crazy people who's story changes 15 times by the time things get to trial. Lock her back up in the mental hospital and keep her off the streets as far as I am concerned.

Register her then