Woman who stabbed herself released from jail

Story here. Excerpt:

'There will be no more time behind bars for a local woman who stabbed herself in an effort to have her daughter's father charged.

Janet Laforge was able to convince both the Crown and the judge Monday that she deserves a chance to turn her life around.

The 38-year-old woman pleaded guilty in February to attempting to commit public mischief by causing police to begin an investigation into the false allegation.

She also was convicted of three other offences, including assault and two counts of breach of a recognizance, stemming from the Jan. 11 incident.

As well, Laforge pleaded guilty to possession of stolen property and three counts of possession of stolen credit cards.

These charges were in connection with a Dec. 11 shopping spree where she made purchases with credit cards stolen from another woman's purse.'

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