UK: Girls exceed boys in sex partners by age 21

Article here. Excerpt:

'YOUNG women are no longer just lying back and thinking of England, they are actively seeking out sexual partners - even more so than men.
The study of 2000 women in the UK, commissioned by More magazine, found that by the age of 21, women have had an average of nine sexual partners - two more than their male partner.
But if a woman met someone she really liked, 56 per cent would make him wait "a month or more" before she would have sex with him.

Of the women surveyed, 50 per cent admitted they had cheated on a partner and half of those had been unfaithful at least twice.

Only 25 per cent said they had a partner who cheated on them.

If a man did cheat, 99 per cent of young women would dump him.'


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"...encountered average of 3 teeth" in the title?

Huh? I am guessing this was an editorial goof.

This then explains why

in UK women just like in US have much more higher rate of sexually transmitted diseases than men.

Single men is the only social group benefited from feminism. Article here.


Most of these promiscuous women use abortion as a form of birth control.

I am not really surprised by

I am not really surprised by this. Many girls think that the way to do away with the double standard about boys and girls and promiscuity is by taking the shame out of casual sex for girls. It is far easier for teen girls to get sex than it is for teen boys.

As far as girls having more sexual diseases than boys. The link you provided did not say this at all. It said that STDs for women is RISING. It is easier for a boy to give a disease to a girl than it is for a girl to give it to a boy. I remember learning about that in biology class. There are many reasons for this but one reason is menstruation (exposure to the blood system) and that seamen stays in the woman's body for days (a girl has days of exposure, but a boy just has a few minutes). This is only the case in diseases that are spread between bodily fluid.

Keep in mind that this is only 'reported' cases. Women get checked for STD far more often then men. Any service a woman gets at a 'clinic' such as pregnancy check, birth control or an abortion must first have a STD check.

And Anthony, you are correct, most girls that sleep around use abortion as back up birth control without ever informing the father.

STD=Sexually Transmitted Disease (Thats what it's referredt to in the US)

Personally, i think this

Personally, i think this backs up the belief i always had about girls liking asshole guys when they're young, and as a result asshole guys getting all the women when they were young, treating them terrible, possibly pressuring them into sex, or cheating on them, or all those kinds of things. Then they'd get skewed and hate filled perceptions about men.

But it was always a smaller group of young boys, and a larger group of young girls. While the larger amount of less succesful, or shyer guys would miss out.

So it's no surprise to me more women have sex younger.

I also can't help but wonder if those statistics on cheating are accurate. They could be lying about themselves, and could be unaware that their partner had cheated on them.

Of course, i'm in the age category being reviewed anyway, so i can't comment on the "change".

Now they're being honest

I think it has always been like this. I truly believe that woman have always had more sexual partners than men, only now are they truly being honest about it.

Difference in age of sex partners explains everything

There is only one reason for this result: the fact that girls tend to have sex with older boys. This is neither surprising, nor, I think, is it an indication of a lack of morality on the part of girls.

This result can't be achieved, as has been suggested, as a result of a large number of girls having sex with a small number of boys. As an example, if there are 100 girls and 100 boys, and all 100 girls have sex with 1 of the boys, and 99 boys don't have sex with anybody, then on average the girls have had 1 sex partner, and the boys have had an average of 1 sex partner.

However, if half of 18 year old girls have sex with 19 year old boys, and no 18 year old boys have sex with 19 year old girls, then on average the 18 year old girls have had more sex partners than the 18 year old boys.


As far as girls having more sexual diseases than boys. The link you provided did not say this at all.

Male feminists don't want to see the obvious and prefer to lie themselves. But this is a GLOBAL WORLD TENDENCY: WOMEN ARE ROTTING.

And many male feminists cannot bear this fact and kill themselves in desperation.

Single men is the only social group benefited from feminism. Article here.

By the way, abortions

Abortions it's not a bad thing at all. But many feminists don't like them because abortions kill thousands of women each year and even more make infertile.

Approximately 500 000 women die each year of causes related to pregnancy, abortion and childbirth.

Single men is the only social group benefited from feminism. Article here.