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NOW confuses allegations of rape with conviction
posted by Matt on 10:30 PM January 10th, 2006
News DocDamage writes "As reported in this article, N.O.W. wants Penn St. coach Joe Paterno to resign over comment he made regarding allegations of sexual assault made against AJ Nicholson. Paterno claims his comments were taken out of context, and having read the article, the comments are so garbled that there is obviously a considerable quantity of context required to make sense of the remarks.

Wouldn't it be nice if NOW were to wait for a conviction before acting as if the accused was guilty?"

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Joe Pa (Score:2)
by Tumescent on 10:50 PM January 10th, 2006 EST (#1)
I think Joe Paterno should refer NOW to the Penn State Athletic Director-- Haywood Jablowme.
Out of context (Score:1)
by Davidadelong on 11:42 PM January 10th, 2006 EST (#2)
It was obvious by reading the article that the coach was concerned for everyone, including his players. Anyone who has played college athletics, or highschool athletics knows about the "groupies". They also have heard or experienced the "set up" by same. "now" doesn't want anyone else to know what really goes on. Rape, if it is rape, should be dealt with harshly. But, a set up and a cry of rape that isn't should be dealt with just as harshly. I guess what we need is true EQUALITY, not propaganda............Just my opinion Folks!
Re:Out of context (Score:1)
by gatsby on 11:53 AM January 11th, 2006 EST (#3)
I also find it interesting that the group is always refered to not only by name,but the acronym is spelled out but our plight and agencies that help men are lumped together and called a "mens group". The Crips are a "mens group", this designation belittles our efforts and denies us credibility.
All men are rapists, anyway. (Score:1)
by Thundercloud on 11:56 AM January 11th, 2006 EST (#4)
The feminists act as if an accusation of rape is the same as a conviction of rape because in their minds ALL men are guilty of rape, anyway. Whether a man has ever raped or not.
To them being born male is the same as being born a rapist, therefore any accusation of rape IS legitimate, where they are concerned.
Yeah, Makes sense to me too. ...Not.

  "Hoka hey!"
AOL poll (Score:1)
by e truth (pissedoffwhitemen@hotmail.com) on 07:47 PM January 11th, 2006 EST (#5)
According to an AOL poll the other day:

80% of the people responding said they DIDN'T think Paterno's remarks were offensive to women, and,

90% said Paterno SHOULD NOT resign.

NOW, of course, is out of touch. I think NOW officials should apologize to Paterno and then resign themselves.
AMEN, BROTHA! (Score:2)
by Clancy (chermanstovall@msn.com) on 08:21 PM January 11th, 2006 EST (#6)
When I watched a snippet of the Paterno press conference it was obvious to a blind man that he was concerned about all parties. He also hinted of the visits to the dorm rooms. If you can add 2 and 2, what do you get when a young, enebriated, half clad girl knocks on your dorm room door? Is she asking for directions to the ladies room? Selling cookies? Passing out vagina awareness day fliers? A seventh day adventist that wants to save your soul? Wants to look at your stamp collection? OR, play the home version of "hide the sausage"? I can't decide.
Re:AMEN, BROTHA! (Score:1)
by gatsby on 05:18 PM January 12th, 2006 EST (#7)
I am sure that none of us here, or any rational person actually CONDONES and SUPPORTS rape, but you cant put the stereotypical guy in the trench coat hanging out by elementary schools looking to snatch children in the same category as the star athlete at a university that gets it thrown at him and some girl crying foul when he does not get on bended knee afterwards and give her a wedding ring for her effort. Try teaching the female coeds to make better choices about the men they CHOOSE to whore themselves at instead of coming down on the man for giving her what she asked for.
College ball betting.... (Score:2)
by ArtflDgr on 01:20 PM January 13th, 2006 EST (#8)
Be interesting to know whether she or any friends of hers have any money riding on the game? nice way to bet and change the odds. in our past we recognized that there can be more than one answer, or reason. of course letting them find out that reason is a spot on inconvenient. this is especially so when you realize that you get 100% convictions in public if you speak before the facts are known, and the police have done their investigation. on some level a percentage will never re-align to the actual facts of the case. and thats why they do it. so what if they dont win, its like a membership drive.
Re:College ball betting.... (Score:1)
by khankrumthebulgar on 08:32 PM January 16th, 2006 EST (#9)
What is driving the FemNags crazy is no body cares what they think anymore. We hear their BS and say F%$# OFF! Really who cares what the FemNags think and the speech codes they are trying to enforce by bullying Men. I don't I wore my T-shirt that says "Wife Beater" into the Women's Resource Center this last Semester when I was taking a Financial Accounting course. I did it just to aggravate the Bitches.

When one started with the shaming language. I replied I didn't give a Rats Ass what she thought and she should try that shit in Iran. She would spout off just before they whipped her then hanged her Skanky Fat Ass. She was stunned and did not know how to answer. We need to confront the bitches more. Their days are over. I refuse to give them power any more.
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