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Group Says No Such Thing as False Rape Reporting
posted by Adam on 01:07 PM June 29th, 2004
News amperro writes "The National Coalition Against Violent Athletes (here) insists that false rape accusations are almost non-existent. In fact, they claim that there are more people who fake their own deaths than there are those who file a false rape report. They use a "quote" from the FBI to support this claim. I'm skeptical of that claim."

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More Feminist Propaganda & Stats Spinning (Score:2)
by Roy on 03:38 PM June 29th, 2004 EST (#1)
(User #1393 Info)
The FBI study that’s likely the source of this feminist propaganda is the 1990 Uniform Crime Report, which the media popularized as saying that only 9% of rape allegations are false or unfounded.

This report has been invalidated, because its methodology in fact does not permit a definitive conclusion about false allegations. For example, in 47% of the study’s cases, the alleged rapist was not even identified or arrested.

A more credible study is the 1992 US Air Force report that reviewed 556 cases of alleged rape and found through rigorous, scientifically sound analysis that 60% of the rape accusations were false!

The women surveyed reported the following reasons for making the false allegations:\
• spite or revenge – 20%
• to compensate for feelings of guilt or shame – 20%
• thought she might be pregnant – 13%
• to conceal an affair – 12%
• to test husband’s love – 9%
• mental/emotional disorder – 9%
• to avoid personal responsibility – 4%
• failure to pay, or extortion – 4%
• thought she might have caught VD – 3%
• other – 6%

As with our society's feminist conspiracy to distort domestic violence statistics and totally ignore female violence, there's a parallel subterfuge by the Femborg to prevent the truth about false rape allegations from becoming widely known.

(All facts cited above are from Warren Farrell’s THE MYTH OF MALE POWER, 1993.)

"It's a terrible thing ... living in fear." - Roy: hunted replicant, Blade Runner
Notice the Study they mention (Score:1)
by LSBeene on 03:39 PM June 29th, 2004 EST (#2)
(User #1387 Info)
I noticed a lot of their stats are from the Benedict/Crosset Study. I looked it up on Google with these KEY words:

Benedict Crosset Study feminism

Guess what I found? (ok, you're not stupid, but read on anyways)

The "studies" by these two GUYS:
Benedict, Jeffrey R. and Crosset, Todd W

Are feminist ADVOCACY studies. Yep, the ones where the ANSWERS are "known" before-hand and THEN the research is done.

I mean, look at WHO references their "studies" :
The Feminist Majority (yea, unbiased group there - NOT!)
Sexual Harassment centers
and they are writers of feminist "research" ...

I mean, I SKIMMED the Google search and it was EASY to see that Mo and Larry there are feminazi Stooges who are making money being MEN who are the "token" men who feminiazis can point to and say: "see, MEN are writing this stuff".

And this was a 5 minute peek at their sh*t on Google.

Guerilla Gender Warfare is just Hate Speech in polite text
The Femborg doesn't sleep (Score:1)
by Hunchback on 04:11 PM June 29th, 2004 EST (#3)
(User #1505 Info)
Truth is, the feminazi stats are being challenged more and more by MRAs. With the Kobe trial front and center, false accusations not just of rape but DV and PAS child molestation are suddenly in the public eye. The Femborg always attacks preemptively rather than exercise damage control. The truth is their greatest enemy. They see Parental Alienation awareness, they rush to write a book. They see men getting together on the Web, they push Hate Speech laws. They see Paternity Fraud laws being offered, they quietly lobby against it. They see false rape allegations being investigated (regardless how infrequent), they come out with a bogus report and push for stronger rape shield laws. They find more older women seducing young boys, they start a campaign to educate girls on dirty old men. They track the public awareness of the failure of boys academically and head it off at the pass by claiming discrimination since males seem to do better financially without a college education. The Femborg does not rest: it believes the best defense is a good offense.
Re:The Femborg doesn't sleep (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 09:21 PM June 29th, 2004 EST (#6)
It's funny that the Kobe trial isn't getting as much coverage as the OJ trial. Probably because the Kobe trial is much more politically and socially important. It shows how easily a male can have is life screwed up by a bogus rape charge. Wouldn't want that truth to get out, or people might agitate for change.
How About Gary Dodson? (Score:2)
by Luek on 08:34 PM June 29th, 2004 EST (#4)
(User #358 Info)
The forensic DNA age dawned in Illinois with little fanfare on August 14, 1989, when the emerging technology exonerated a hapless high school dropout from a working-class suburb of Chicago of a rape that in fact had not occurred.

Gary Dotson had been convicted a decade earlier, when he was 22 years old, based on a story fabricated by his presumed victim, Cathleen Crowell.

For full article go here: rations/Dotson.htm

over 90 men convicted of rape freed by DNA (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 09:07 PM June 29th, 2004 EST (#5)
Well somebody sure had it wrong for over 90 guys that are listed on the Innocence Project web site as being wrongly convicted of Rape, among other things. (Click) Wrongly Convicted of Rape

Check the box that says rape then hit submit, then watch all the guys names that come up.

Imagine all the guys who are rotting in jail, because they did have sex with someone who then lied about the sex act so DNA can never free them. "No such thing as a false accusation of rape," who told them that, "Santa Claus?"

Very, very, sincerely, Ray
one of many (Score:2)
by TLE on 12:53 PM June 30th, 2004 EST (#7)
(User #1376 Info)
This sports/rape link is just one site in a sea of sexual assault websites promoting rape hysteria. There are lots of organizations within government, or funded by government grants. None of our representatives challenge any of their assertions or statistics. This is one reason why we need a "Status of Men Commission" within government. It's also a reason why feminists will fight so hard to keep it from happening.
Re:one of many (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 06:24 PM June 30th, 2004 EST (#8)
Someone should tell Carpitcher that one.

E-mail Reply From Mz Redmond (Score:2)
by Luek on 10:30 PM June 30th, 2004 EST (#9)
(User #358 Info)
For what it is worth, here is Mz Redmond's reply to my e-mail pointing out that women DO lie about rape and have been doing so for some time.

Reply-To: "kathy redmond"
From: "kathy redmond"
Subject: Re: Women DO often make false reports of RAPE!
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 22:55:00 -0600
Organization: NCAVA.ORG

The FBI. And, given todays standards, I have no doubt that false reports
are made. But tell me, how much jail time did Nina Shahraven, who accused
Michael Irvin serve, compared to the jail time Irvin served for ALL of his
many convictions?
And, tell me how many rapists walk free today? I think the issue is that
more rapists lie about rape and walk the street than women making false
reports. Given TODAY'S standards, rape kits are conclusive, we have DNA and
prosecutors make sure that the case is solid prior to moving, especially
when its a sports icon or hero. The sample you cite was from standards set
in 1979, with DNA exonerating him in 1989. And, let me state for the
record, if a flase report is made, I support FULL punishment and prosecution
because it makes it difficult for the real victims out there.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 8:00 PM
Subject: Women DO often make false reports of RAPE!

> >Myth: Women often make false reports of rape.
> >
> >FACT: According to FBI crime statistics, less than 2 percent of the
> reported rape cases are found to be false.
> >There are no more false reports of rape than there are of any other
> I take great exception to the above quote taken from your website. Please
> give a source cite for this statement.
> In the meantime you can read these few samples, THERE ARE PLENTY MORE, of
> the epidemic of false rape allegations.
> I hope these examples will improve your knowledge base about the reality
> about false accusations of rape against men.
> ************************************************** **************************
> **********************************************
> The forensic DNA age dawned in Illinois with little fanfare on August 14,
> 1989, when the emerging technology exonerated a hapless high school
> from a working-class suburb of Chicago of a rape that in fact had not
> occurred.
> Gary Dotson had been convicted a decade earlier, when he was 22 years old,
> based on a story fabricated by his presumed victim, Cathleen Crowell.
> Source: rations/Dotson.htm
> False Rape Allegations
> Eugene J. Kanin, Ph.D.
> Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Purdue University, 1365 Winthrop
> E. Stone Hall, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907-1365.
> This article was posted by Gerry Harbison -- The
> comments in square brackets are his.
> With the cooperation of the police agency of a small metropolitan
> community, 45 consecutive, disposed, false rape allegations covering a 9
> year period were studied. These false rape allegations constitute 41% the
> total forcible rape cases (n= 109) reported during this period. These
> allegations appear to serve three major functions for the complainants:
> providing an alibi, seeking revenge, and obtaining sympathy and attention.
> False rape allegations are not the consequence of a gender-linked
> aberration, as frequently claimed, but reflect impulsive and desperate
> efforts to cope with personal and social stress situations.
> Source: l
> Woman Charged with False Rape Report After Athletes Secretly Videotape
> Extortion Attempt
> By Brian Carnell
> Saturday, March 13, 2004
> In February, Sherri Ann Urbanic-Bach was charged with filing a false rape
> report, attempted extortion and prostitution in a case involving players
> with the St. John's basketball team.
> Source: .html
> Evidentally, a world wide problem:
> New Zealand Police Vow Crackdown on False Sexual Assault Claims
> By Brian Carnell
> Sunday, April 18, 2004
> Police in Palmerston North, New Zealand have become so exasperated at the
> level of false reporting of rape, that they are promising a crackdown and
> prosecution against people who make false statements about sexual assaults
> to police.
> Source: .html

Re:E-mail Reply From Mz Redmond (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 06:58 AM July 1st, 2004 EST (#10)
DNA proved they (females) were lying big time and getting away with it so now women know they (females) can't get away with lying about men they didn't have sex with, but judging by their patern of lies women who had sex, were then, and are now, still lying about rape out of vindictiveness and other motives.

Wake up, rape advocates, all your rape kits prove is that the two people had sex. Given today's bias were a woman's word has so much more weight than a man's, I refuse to ever in my life serve on a jury in feminazi America again for any reason (except under duress). AMERICAN LAW IS A SCAM AGAINST MEN, AND HAS NO INTEGRITY! Rotten in one part, tainted in all parts.

Very Truly Yours, Ray
No kidding (Score:1)
by LSBeene on 04:27 AM July 2nd, 2004 EST (#11)
(User #1387 Info)
Don't hold back Ray, let it out ....

(just playin' man!)

Guerilla Gender Warfare is just Hate Speech in polite text
Re:No kidding (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 02:35 PM July 2nd, 2004 EST (#12)
You need to understand the Lifetime (Television for Womyn) ethical code:

1.) If a woman physically abuses her child, then she's obviously overwhelmed with the demands of being a mother, wife, businesswoman, etc. Her husband is probably sitting on the sofa, scratching his genitals and swilling a beer while watching porn. We need to show her that we care, offer her support and share her emotional pain.

If a man abuses his child, he's a bullying dirtbag who needs a bullet.

2.) If a woman has a problem with substance abuse, see item 1.

If a man has a problem with substance abuse, then he's a drunken bum and she should leave him ASAP, without looking back on the loser.

3.) If a woman has an extramarital affair, then she's experimenting with her long-suppressed sexuality (suppressed by men, no doubt). Or, she's "finding herself" and is unsatisified at home (probably by the same man who's sitting on the sofa in item 1).

If a man has an extramarital affair, he's pond scum who deserves every penalty a divorce court can throw at him. Too bad castration's illegal.

4.) If a woman is focused on her work, career, vocation, etc, then she's trying to achieve her full potential as a Woman. She's reaching out in a male-dominated patriarchy and would have been successful a lot sooner if she was a man, or if men weren't standing in her way.

If a man is focused on his career, he's a greedy bastard who only cares about himself and his money and doesn't give a damn about anything else.

5.) Extension of item 1 - if a woman executes an act of sexual abuse, then it's due to her Father (never her mother) performing some abominable act on her during her childhood. Again, she is crying out for help and needs our support and love.

If a man executes an act of sexual abuse, then the woman is entitled to do Whatever Is Necessary To Protect Her Children (see films like "Enough", "Sleeping with the Enemy", etc)

Aren't flexible ethics wonderful?

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