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Honda Pilot ad: "My husband was raised by wolves"
posted by Thomas on 06:27 PM May 26th, 2004
The Media mens_issues writes "Honda has an annoying ad for its Pilot SUV where a wife states that "My husband was raised by wolves." The first time I saw this was on Super Bowl Sunday (the day of the infamous Janet Jackson incident at half-time). It showed the husband looking all dishevelled while licking a plate like a dog, drinking straight from the water cooler at work, and chasing a Frisbee (thrown by his son) into a stream.

I hate this nonsense! They can expect a letter from me about where I'll buy my next car (unless there is an apology and a retraction of the ad in which case I might reconsider).

To contact Honda, try this:

By Phone: Toll-free number: (800) 999-1009

By Fax: (310) 783-3023 (24 Hours)

By Mail: American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Honda Automobile Customer Service
1919 Torrance Boulevard
Mail Stop: 500 - 2N - 7D
Torrance, CA 90501-2746

Honda states: "Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time."

Note: No email address was provided.

Their site is: http://www.hondacars.com


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Horrible Commercial (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 07:29 PM May 26th, 2004 EST (#1)
This commercial portrays "man" in a very bad light. They show him behaving in many of the ways that a dog or a wolf would. They show his behavior as eqivalent to an animal. I would never consider buying a Honda.

What would happen if a commercial showed a woman behaving like a sqauking chicken. A subsequent shot could show her fusing over her house like a nest. I don't doubt that the outrage would hit all the main stream media channels.

Re:Horrible Commercial (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 12:07 AM May 27th, 2004 EST (#2)
What if instead of a White man, a Black man was featured acting animalisticaly?

  "Hoka hey!"
Good observation TC (Score:1)
by LSBeene on 02:48 PM May 28th, 2004 EST (#12)
(User #1387 Info)
I noticed that a lot in commercials and movies too.

Now, according to the PC doctrine what I am about to say is racist but it needs to be said:

The majority of crime in this country is committed by minorities, but to SAY that, despite it being true, is to be racist.

Why do I bring this up? Because the media is so afraid of APPEARING racist that in crime dramas, in movies, in "victim of the week" movies (Lifetime), and in commercials they make sure to make white, heterosexual and male the bad guy. The idiot. The bumbler. The overweight, not having-a-clue dad. The man who gets kicked in the balls.

Now, racism is wrong. But that's besides the point, isn't it?

if the above commercial, as TC pointed out, had had a BLACK man in it, it would have been pulled because of the calls from groups who are concerned that this commercial was demeaning to black men. And the observation of the "chicken woman" (damn that was a good analogy) were SPOT ON.

Guerilla Gender Warfare is just Hate Speech in polite text
Re:Good observation TC (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 08:31 AM May 30th, 2004 EST (#13)
Your right. The advertisers have narrowed the focus of their prejudice down to the only acceptable politically correct target (men), but there not content to stop there. When they want to be really blatant they target white men. One would have to be uncaring, or blind, or both not to notice the owerwhelmingly abundant amount of commercials on TV doing. It makes you kind of sick, and I have on more than one occassion switched channels only to be hit with another racist male bashing commercial on another channel.

It doesn't just stop their. I find that many commercials have men and women in them, and advertisers are not beyond attacking minority men by making them look dumb, stupid, dufus, etc. when interacting with a woman. All Heterorsexual men are definitely a clear target of our politically correct, hate monger bigoted advertising industry.

I was reading just yesterday, that Jews in Germany had the lowest suicide rate of the 3 major religions in Germany, prior to Hitler's accension to power. After his accension to power, but before the war, they became #1 in suicides passing the Catholics and Lutherans. Yes, dear friends our advertising industry, the media, our government, the domestic violence industry, women's studies programs, and women's commissions, and all others who so overtly bash men and drive up their suicide rates are cold blooded murderers as well as hate monger bigots. All of the aforementioned hypocrites commit an insidious brand of hate that flies under the radar so while they go about their politically correct styles of doing business they are actually actively carrying out a systematic hate war against all men.


(click) Men Are Targeted For Hate Crime

(Please do not scroll up the page of the linked item(s). All the info I am trying to convey is only as the page comes up initially.)
One of thems worse. (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 01:32 PM May 27th, 2004 EST (#3)
My mom claims to have seen one where the guy is nursing on a mother wolf with a bunch of cubs, just in case you didn't think it could get any worse.
Re:One of thems worse. (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 01:43 PM May 27th, 2004 EST (#4)
tHe mAsTer wOuLdN't aPpRovE.
I aM tOrGo. I wAtCh oVeR tHe pLaCe wHilE tHe mAsTeR iS aWaY.
Re:One of thems worse. (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 02:29 PM May 27th, 2004 EST (#5)
...Quit doing drugs, "Torgo".
And learn to use a keyboard, will you?

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Re:One of thems worse. (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 06:03 PM May 27th, 2004 EST (#7)
"tHe mAsTer wOuLdN't aPpRovE.
I aM tOrGo. I wAtCh oVeR tHe pLaCe wHilE tHe mAsTeR iS aWaY."

Ah, another women's studies graduate. Gee wiz Torgo, I just can't understand why you can't get past the glass ceiling after demonstrating to us the superb education and eloquence, that scholarly field has bestowed on you.

Now that women's studies has helped you to determine your gender, perhaps "master," (whatever that is to you) will help you peel your sorry butt off the politically correct highway of life, where you have apparently become intellectual road kill.

Re:One of thems worse. (Score:2)
by mens_issues on 06:04 PM May 27th, 2004 EST (#8)
(User #267 Info)
I "googled" the Honda Ad, and came up with this link where someone else is annoyed with the Honda ad. It has a photo of the man apparently suckling a mother wolf. Weird.

http://www.vikrampant.com/vik-ramblings/2004/does_ honda_think_americans_are_dumb.php

My letter to Honda (Score:2)
by mens_issues on 06:00 PM May 27th, 2004 EST (#6)
(User #267 Info)
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Honda Automobile Customer Service
1919 Torrance Boulevard
Mail Stop: 500 - 2N Ė 7D
Torrance, CA 90501-2746

To the staff at Honda,

I am writing regarding your ad for the Honda Pilot SUV where a wife states that "My husband was raised by wolves." It shows the husband looking all disheveled while licking a plate like a dog, drinking straight from the water cooler at work, and chasing a Frisbee (thrown by his son) into a stream. It ends with him running shirtless with the wolves.

I'm sure that the ad was meant to be humorous. It wasn't for me. In fact, this commercial is demeaning to men in that it gives the impression that men are just one step above wild animals. I doubt that you would have aired a similar ad showing a manís wife doing these things because she was raised by wolves.

It should be brought to your attention that anti-male ads such as these are being criticized on several websites (which are viewed by thousands of people each day). Men have become tired of negative portrayals of males in the media, and even some women are starting to speak out against this (it isn't particularly flattering to them either).

It is strongly recommended that you find an alternative approach to selling the Honda Pilot (which is not insulting to men) before you cause yourself to lose a lot of business. Companies cannot afford to alienate half the population, particularly during a time of economic turmoil. While I currently own a Honda Civic myself, I may consider buying a different car in the future after viewing this ad.


Steven G. Van Valkenburg

Dominos (Score:1)
by DeepThought on 07:06 PM May 27th, 2004 EST (#9)
(User #1487 Info)
[Points at subject]

Every Dominos commercial I have seen in the last few months have been very insulting. First, to promote their "Philly Cheese Steak Pizza", they show men running to answer the doorbell in the same way their "dumb dog!" ran to a regular bell. The slogan? "Guys like Philly Cheese Steak. Guys love Dominos Pizza." I actually don't like cheesesteaks at all. And if Dominos pizzas weren't the best delivery pizzas in the entire state, I'd boycott them.

The most recent one features the promotion for their salad, showing a man and his wife/girlfriend. The narrator calls him a "wily one" for 'tricking' his 'better half' into getting pizza by ordering a salad for her. The narrator asks "What else can he get away with?" as he tries to drink a coke from a 2 liter bottle, at which point she elbows him in the gut. "Nothing", the narrator says, "...he gets away with NOTHING."

This is not only insulting towards men (and boy it is) but also makes little logical sense. Why would he need to 'trick' her into ordering pizza? And isn't suggesting that women need to keep their weight down by only eating salads sexist as well?

Those are the only ones off the top of my head.
Come on... (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 09:42 AM May 28th, 2004 EST (#10)
There are much more pressing issues than this ad, which is NOT anti-male in my opinion.

It's simply a play on the whole scenario of an abandoned baby having been raised by wolves (or by some other wild animal). They didn't just make it up for the commercial. It's a situation that pops up in stories and legends from time to time (a la Tarzan and apes).

I think the commerical is hilarious and well done. If anything, the guy is a responsible, loving, and present father who happens to have some characteristics left over from his humble beginnings.

I agree that men are screwed over in commercials on a regular basis - and it pisses me off. But I'll never understand why so many men have a problem with this one in particular. I think the attitude comes dangerously close to the stereotype of a humorless feminist.

There's no message about "what men are like" in this commercial. I promise.

Re:Come on... (Score:0)
by Anonymous User on 11:31 AM May 28th, 2004 EST (#11)
Dave, I agree with you, to a point about this.
There have been, are and will be far worse commercials than this one in dehumanizing men.
But this commercial still is just another log on the misandrist bon-fire.
But you're right there have been worse than this.

  "Hoka hey!"
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