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Child Support Slavery
posted by Scott on Wednesday May 30, @04:59PM
from the news dept.
News frank h writes "In the Washington Times today, there is an article entitled "Study: Poor fathers need help with jobs to pay child support." I found it incredibly offensive. Absolutely no mention was made of improving custody and visitation enforcement, just finding ways to make men work harder to pay child support that was mandated by the courts without considering the father's means to begin with. "The beatings will continue until morale improves!!""

Source: The Washington Times

Title: Study: Poor fathers need help with jobs to pay child support

Author: Cheryl Wetzstein

Date: May 30, 2001

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More proof... (Score:2)
by Nightmist (nightmist@mensactivism.org) on Wednesday May 30, @08:09PM EST (#1)
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Just proves my personal theory. Never trust the information in any story which starts: "A new study...."

A new study... (Score:1)
by BusterB on Thursday May 31, @01:03PM EST (#2)
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A new study has shown that 78% of all statistics are made up on the spot....
Wow... (Score:1)
by Emanslave on Friday June 01, @12:15AM EST (#3)
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It's a real shame when society makes men out to be the back-broken workhorses who bust their asses to pay support...only to satisfy the woman and the justice system that maime, beat, rape, and kill them everytime they ask for his paycheck

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