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Reproductive Rights News From Maryland
posted by Scott on Friday June 30, @06:28AM
from the isn't-this-just-common-sense? dept.
Reproductive Rights Some very encouraging news on men's reproductive rights: Maryland's highest court ruled that men have the right to modify or nullify their paternity agreement if a DNA test proves they are not the father of the child(ren) they are raising. Read this article from The Nando Times. In most states, a father is still required to pay child support for children that are not his if he doesn't challenge his paternity status within a certain time period from the child's birth. This situation unfairly benefits women who fraudulently deceive men into becoming parents, and is not a rare phenomenon. It's good to hear that unknowingly enslaved men have some way out of such an unfair situation, at least in Maryland now. Update: There's another article from The Washington Post here. It adds several details to the story, including the fact that men will not be allowed to demand repayment of past child support payments.

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