Barnes & Noble Petition Update

Marc Angelucci writes "On Sunday, 1/7, I petitioned at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Burbank, California for a men's studies book section, like the one which exists at Borders Bookstore. After three days of petitioning I've got about 800 signatures. But on Sunday, after one hour (and 60 signatures), I was asked to leave. Even though two managers at the Burbank store gave me written permission to petition, the national store in New York called the Burbank store and told a higher up manager (John) to get security and make me leave. Evidently they don't like their customers expressing their views about the store's poor coverage of men's issues in their gender studies section. I'll be back next week at another Barnes & Noble bookstore in Los Angeles where there is a public sidewalk outside the front entrance (rather than in a private mall) so I can assert a 1st Amendment right to speak based on the public forum doctrine. I'll mail copies of the signatures to B&N when I have 1,000 of them, and for each 1,000 thereafter. I'm averaging 250 signatures a day, but I'm alone and very busy. At this rate it could take forever, but I'm not stopping. A few letters and phone calls to them always helps, though." Please click "Read More" below to read where to send your letters, e-mails, or phone calls to.

Contact information:

Customer Relations

Barnes & Noble Bookstores

122 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10011

(212) 633-3301 extension 0


Also note that the Barnes & Noble campaign is included in the list of activism projects, which you can click on to find more details about the project. Here are some photos from his previous petitioning, too.

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