Help Out Some Homeless Men

Deborah Watkins, President of the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of NCFM is doing a project to "adopt" homeless men in the area. If you'd like to help contribute to the efforts of this group, click "Read More" below to read Deborah's message and info on who to contact.
Deborah Watkins, President of the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of the
National Coalition of Free Men writes:

Dear family and friends:

I would like to help the homeless this Holiday Season. The Presbyterian Night Shelter in Fort Worth is in desperate need for some holiday cheer for their adult male residents.

As a society, we tend to have more of a "soft spot" for women and children, and the needy men go ignored. They are just as lonely and afraid as the homeless women and children, but we tend to blame them more for their situation.

There is now a Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the National Coalition of Free Men (, and we would like to "adopt" as many of these homeless men as possible. The Night Shelter will provide us with handled shopping bags; each bag will have a list of "wants" such as: socks, stocking caps, gloves, deodorant, etc. We expect that each bag could be quite adequately filled with $10-$15 worth of items. These are items that would make a HUGE difference this winter!

If you would like to help us with this project, we would be more than happy to do the shopping and delivery for you, if you would only pledge $5-$10 to help.

Let me know if you would like to participate. We'll tally up the pledges and let the Night Shelter know how many bags we need. We'll do ALL THE SHOPPING and take the bags back to the shelter for distribution.

You can send me your pledge after the holidays if that is easier for you, or you can send it to me now. Either way, if you pledge to help, we'll be able to do more bags and help more people.

Thanks for sharing your good fortune!


Call me toll-free M-F 8-5 Central if you need more info: 800-644-2297 ext

You can make checks payable to Deborah Watkins and send to:

NCFM Dallas/Fort Worth

P O Box 17345

Fort Worth, Texas 76102-0345

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