Oberlin’s anti-male bias in Title IX proceedings is obvious, expelled student tells appeals court

Article here. Excerpt:

'Can colleges openly discriminate against male students accused of sexual misconduct, “so long as they masked their bias in any particular proceeding”?

That’s the question at stake in a Title IX lawsuit against Oberlin College, now before the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, according to the accused student, “John Doe.”
John is counting on the 6th Circuit to supplement its rulings on due process in Title IX proceedings with a new ruling that makes it easier to demonstrate gender bias in those proceedings.

The Cincinnati-based appeals court has not only ruled that students have the right to cross-examine their accusers in some form, but that they can assign an “agent” such as a lawyer to conduct the cross-examination.

This challenges a common practice in adjudications: administrators or other adjudicators posing the questions from each party to the other, but excluding some as irrelevant or harassing.

More relevant to John, the 6th Circuit also reinstated a lawsuit against another Ohio college on the basis that its Title IX official “should have known that she was partial” to the accuser and recused herself.'

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mean nothing to those w/o conscious or morals. can u spell BAD LAW?

so let's send the crooked bassturds to Washington to see
what they can frack up there. how stupid can people be to believe sending in more snakes will clear up a swamp?

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