Photo wall of white male prosecutors removed from the Multnomah County DA’s Office

Article here. Excerpt:

'Last month, the framed photographs of more than 30 past Multnomah County district attorneys -- stretching back more than a century and a half -- were removed from the front lobby of the DA’s Office.

All of them were white men.

Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill declined Wednesday to explain why, but he said in a July 31 email to staff sent on the day after the removal that he’d “decided to change the decor” of the sixth-floor office lobby in the Multnomah County Courthouse.

“It has always been my goal to make the office feel welcoming and inclusive to everyone that works in, or visits our office,” the email read. “I am looking forward to enhancing our public spaces with pictures and artwork that reflects our shared values of diversity and inclusion.”
Spokesman Brent Weisberg said no one had complained to the District Attorney’s Office about the portraits. Rather, the idea to take them down sprung from a discussion by the office’s 12-member Equity, Dignity and Opportunity Council. The group was established in Underhill’s first year as district attorney in 2013.

Underhill had the photos placed in storage, Weisberg said.'

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... is a big part of the feminist-SJW agenda. In its place: blankness.

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is all female astronuts to the moon, as these diversity warriors are planning. no, mars will NEVER be reached by hiring the rest is, as with affirmative action, a requirement as opposed to hiring the best, which is probably illegal. these future socialists time is short, no doubt.

can't change the oil in a car or fix anything the least bit complicated, but astronuts we is. where do I sit to drive this spaceship?

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I love how they get rid of the wall with all white male portraits, but then have a couple collections specifically with no white men.

So, I guess having it the other way is okay. It's only wrong when you have ONLY white men. If it weren't for double standards, the left would have no standards at all.

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