Alyssa Ahlgren: Destroying Fatherhood and Masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'“I don’t need a man!” This phrase has been celebrated in the modern feminist movement as a cry of liberation, self-love, and condemnation of the so-called patriarchy. The idea that women should reject the necessary involvement of men is not only accepted, it’s encouraged. What does this liberation entail? Not being serious about settling down or finding a suitable partner, sex without consequences, delaying marriage, and raising children without the presence of their father.
The great irony about the self-proclaimed progressivism of modern-day feminism is the onset of cultural regression that results from it. The fatherless rate has tripled since 1960, with some inner cities seeing upwards of 70 percent. This deconstruction of the nuclear family has brought increased depression, anxiety, suicide, drug abuse, crime, domestic violence, decreased levels of education, and not to mention a heavy reliance on government to replace the father figure in the home.

Most of us, if not all, have heard the term “toxic masculinity,” i.e., the idea that masculine characteristics and the elements of what it means to “be a man” are and have been poisonous to society. According to new feminism, there is no antidote to the poison, there is only complete extermination. As viewed through the feminist lens, masculinity in all of its forms have been deemed a direct cause of imperialist oppression, violence, racism, and inequities. To alleviate society of these evils, masculinity must be eradicated.

What happens when masculinity and being a man is not uplifted but destroyed? Predictably, we have the demonization of necessary gender roles within the family, absentee fathers, and boys growing up not knowing what it means to be a man. Then, we proceed to protest the lack of “real men” and the absence of chivalry in society. “Real men” didn’t voluntarily leave purely out of laziness and distaste for accountability, they were forced out by modern feminism and learned to have a distaste for accountability.

Masculinity, at its core, is being falsely defined. Since the beginning of human history, being a man meant protecting and providing. Protecting the innocent, the weak, and the disadvantaged. Providing for the family and the community. These are the true elements of masculinity. Painting masculinity as the bully using his size, strength, and aggression to pick on others is a misrepresentation of the masculinity we strive to uphold in society. The one who subdues the bully is the one who embodies the aspects of what it means to be a man.

We are getting rid of fathers and we’re not producing men. When we take away the moral aspects of manhood, we make way for the immoral aspects to take its place. Men have two main biological drivers – to build and destroy. When the moral driver of building is not taught, the drive to destroy takes precedent. Senses of insufficiency, frustration, and animosity are all too common in the minds of young boys that are fatherless or live in broken homes.'

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The "independent woman" is mostly a myth. Instead, what we have is women who do whatever they want--but expect someone else to pick up the bill.

Women expect nuns to pay for their birth control, the taxpayers to pay for their abortions, men or the government to pay for their reproductive choices through child support or welfare. They expect men to pay for dates and to provide support during marriage--and to pay alimony and child support when the woman ends the marriage.

Oh, there are a few women out there who pay their own way. but the number is small. Mostly, an "independent woman" is a woman who does whatever she wants but expects someone else to pay. That's not exactly true independence.It's more like a teenage girl with her daddy's credit card.

It's a great deal for the woman--not so much for the men and taxpayers and nuns who foot the bill and get nothing in return.

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