A hotel that only allows women to stay has opened in Spain

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women-only hotel floors have been around for some time but in Spain they're taking the concept even further with the country's first hotel that caters exclusively to women.

The four-star Som Dona hotel opened in the resort of Porto Cristo in Mallorca with 39 rooms catering to female-identifying customers over the age of 14. On announcing the project last year, Som Hotels president, Joan Enric Capellá said they saw a gap in the market that came from a "growing business trend focused on female audience". There are already specialised hotels like adults-only hotels, gay-friendly hotels and even hotels for vegans but Capellá said there was nothing in Spain to cater exclusively for women, despite the rise of female-only gyms and co-working spaces throughout the globe. It conducted a survey across the hotel chain and found that its customers liked the idea of a women-only hotel'

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Music festivals that are single-sex aren't like hotels, stores, etc. They are not "public accommodations". A music festival is an entertainment event. Can there be whites-only music events? Sure. Will it be objected to and legally challenged? Yes. But it's legal. Not moral or right, but legal.

Public accommodations though are a different matter. Public accoms. supply human services to people, like rooms for rent, food, etc. Hospitals are also public accoms. Restricting access to ppl based on things like sex or race'd be illegal as well as immoral.

Well, we're talking Spain here. They don't have the same legal system or history as the US. So if it's legal in Spain, it's legal. Immoral, yes, but legal. Maybe. Dunno. I'm not an expert on Spanish law.

Makes me no nevermind. I have no plans to visit Spain. They flip out when you use ketchup. :)

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