MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt Tees Off: ‘You Don’t Want to Worry About Character? Elect a Woman!’

Article here. Excerpt:

'NBC News correspondent and MSNBC host Kasie Hunt said today that for all the talk of “character” in politics, one solution would be just to elect a woman.

During the panel discussion on the Democratic primary race, Todd asked what Elizabeth Warren needs to do to reassure voters “that probably would prefer to go with her, but believe all of the analysis that says Joe Biden‘s more electable.”

Hunt said Warren’s been able to rebut it successfully, telling Todd, “She has been out-hustling, out-organizing, out-doing basically, outworking every other candidate in the field, and it is showing up… in the crowd’s she’s getting, in the reaction that suddenly instead of thinking about the DNA test people are thinking, ‘Oh, she’s the one that’s got a plan for that.'”'

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Character? Please. Femaleness doesn't equate to character. Not even close. Some of the best con artists in the world are female.

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