What if #MeToo takes down powerful women?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Katy Perry has a #MeToo problem, and she’s the one who’s in trouble.

Perry ignited a discussion around the gender-flipped version of the #MeToo movement last year when she kissed an unsuspecting American Idol contestant. The 19-year-old had just said he’d never been kissed before and wanted to be in a relationship first. So, naturally, Perry translated that to mean he would be thrilled to get his first kiss from a celebrity, which takes quite a degree of hubris.

Then last week, as the ninth anniversary of Perry’s “Teenage Dream” approached, model Josh Kloss, who worked with Perry for the titular song’s music video, took to Instagram to say that Perry had exposed his genitals to a group of people at a party.
As reporter Victoria Gagliardo-Silver wrote for the Independent, “Kloss is an alleged victim of sexual assault. He waited nine years to tell his story because he was fearful of coming out against a powerful woman who could end his career. If he was a woman and Perry was a man, his alleged assault would be all over the news and Perry would be off the radio. But that’s not the case.”'

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