U. Alabama got millions from taxpayer for 'diversity'

Article here. Excerpt:

'The federal government has granted the University of Alabama-Birmingham $1.25 million to help achieve gender equality in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, or STEM, both at the university and beyond.

The grant is part of the National Science Foundation’s ADVANCE: Organizational Change for Gender Equity in STEM Academic Professions initiative to increase “the participation & advancement of women in academic STEM careers.” The government entity seeks to do this by granting money to various institutions, mostly universities, to push said institutions to “develop systemic approaches” to increase the hiring rates, retention, and participation of women in STEM departments.

The recent grant will reportedly “build on” previous NSF ADVANCE grants awarded to the university for the same purpose, including $3,499,913 awarded in 2003, which the university notes was “successful” in adjusting “policies and procedures focusing on implicit bias in hiring, tenure and promotion decisions that could lead women and individuals from different racial and ethnic populations to be evaluated less favorably,” and therefore minimizing the perpetuation of “historical under-participation in STEM academic careers."'

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people in the workplace are affirmative action poorly educated 'engineers' who haven't learned enough to be able to do the work. they sit in their office, shunned by real engineers, and play computer games for the most part. they get the simple jobs and get more miserable every year. same goes for poorly trained anybody. sometimes, to avoid just having a blank space they get promoted into management over real engs. then you lose the respect and the engineers needed to do the work. they see there is no future and go somewhere else. its a zero sum game at best and everybody who participates loses. its just logic followed to its real outcome.

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... contrary to their natures makes everyone miserable. Beethoven would've been miserable as an engineer but loved being a composer. Forcing Shakespeare to farm would have made him suicidal. And so on.

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