Apollo Space Program Guilty of ‘Gender Bias’ Against Women according to NYT

Article here. Excerpt:

'The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing should be a celebration that has no trouble getting off the ground -- it’s widely recognized as one of America’s greatest achievements. However, Houston, we have a problem.

There is no milestone or achievement we can commemorate in these woke days that doesn’t provoke a scolding “yes, but,” statement from the unhappy left. Last month, the Washington Post couldn’t let the 75th Anniversary of D-Day go by without a bizarre non sequitur about racism and rape in WWII.

Now The New York Times has hijacked the moon landing with head-scratching complaints of sexism, arguing that the Apollo program’s “gender bias” blocked women from going to the moon, and makes it more difficult for them to this day.

That’s okay, the Apollo space program was never that great anyway.

New York Times writer Mary Robinette Kowal is hopeful that in the future, manned missions to the moon will include both “the first woman and the next men.” (You just try leaving the ladies home, chauvinist pigs!). And that “first woman will face added hurdles simply because everything in space carries the legacy of Apollo. It was designed by men, for men.” Well shucks, Apollo is toxic in its masculinity now.'

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