Getting women in the city manager's pipeline

Article here. Excerpt:

'The naming of two white males as finalists for Columbia’s city manager, and five in Springfield, in this day-and-age of diversity caught my attention. Moreover, no women were among the 33 potential applicants identified by the management hiring firm contracted to assist in Columbia’s top executive position. It turns out that Columbia is not alone.
The reasons for gender differences in all governance positions, and in the economy at large, is a topic of much debate but likely includes discrimination, implicit biases, gender differences in risk-taking, gender differences in family responsibilities and differences in personal work-life balance decisions.'

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Most women aspiring to poitical life are looking for elected positions, not bureaucratic ones. The CM position is a thankless, drudgery-ridden job mostly concerned w/ things like potholes in streets and keeping city councillors away from the city offices so they don't screw up the system. The typical woman who seeks gov'tal power isn't interested in such a role and the author all but said so.

He then went on to lament this fact and suggest that cities merely hire more women. That'll fix it.

No. And nothing in fact needs fixing except the author's bizarre form of thinking.

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