Woman Charged With Torturing Incapacitated Man

Article here. Not just criminally nutty but also stupid as all get out. Excerpt:

'An Alabama woman has been charged with the sexual torture of a 25-year-old man who was “under the influence of GHB” and bound with duct tape when he was assaulted, according to court filing.

In a charge sheet filed this week, Jennifer Johnson, 36, was accused of violating the incapacitated man with a sex toy at a residence in Cottondale, a Tuscaloosa suburb.

Police learned of the March 19 attack when they discovered incriminating videos on Johnson’s phone following her arrest last month for possession of a stolen Honda Civic. At the time of her May 10 bust, Johnson “stated she was a prostitute,” according to a court filing.

The “multiple videos” found on Johnson’s phone, investigators say, showed her “penetrating the victim’s anus with a dildo.” The man was “under the influence” of the date-rape drug GHB and “physically helpless,” investigators allege.'

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