Washington Post: ‘Time to Make Masculinity a Part of the Gun Debate’

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Washington Post’s latest documentary is focused on what they suggest is the role masculinity plays in mass shootings in the U.S.

The WAPO documentary opens by indicating their have been over 150 mass shootings in America since 1966 and “all but three were committed by men.” They add, “And more broadly, the majority of gun violence in America is perpetrated by men.”

Having posited men in such a light, the documentary then shifts to masculinity–defining traits and characteristics–eventually placing masculinity at the root of mass shootings and suggesting current efforts to rein in masculine tendencies could be applied to limit gun crime.

The documentary lists “traits” of masculine as “control, power, independence, [and] entitlement.” They take these traits to the halls of academia for examination, with professors such as University of Arizona’s Jennifer Carlson asking, “What is it about guns that gets linked to masculinity? Or what is it about masculinity that guns address?”'

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