"Australia has spent over $700m to curb domestic violence — but it's unclear if it's working"

Link here. Excerpt:

'After almost a decade of action and more than $700 million spent, a scathing review has raised concerns about the effectiveness of Australia's domestic violence strategy.

Commonwealth auditor-general Grant Hehir reviewed the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children, arguing the Department of Social Services' effectiveness in implementing the plan had been reduced by a lack of attention to planning and performance measurement.
The 12-year partnership with state and territory governments is now entering its fourth and final stage since being introduced by the [Julia] Gillard Government in 2010.
The new Families and Social Services Minister Anne Ruston said the department welcomed the insights and the findings would help to shape the final stage.

The Coalition has committed $328 million for the next three years — the single largest Commonwealth contribution made to the plan since it began.

But the Shadow Minister for Families and Social Services Linda Burney has warned the strategy's implementation needs to be improved if the funding is to spent effectively.

"This is not a game," Ms Burney said.

"This is a serious business where the Government needs to demonstrate that they have in place the proper implementation and accountability plan for their fourth action plan on violence against women."'

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It's hard to know what to suggest to other Australian men here and elsewhere who see the situation for what it is.

Working only part-time and minimising consumption, both to reduce the proportion of your money that you give to the government (as income and sales tax) to fund your own vilification and dispossession, and to have savings to live off when domestic violence bullies at your workplace try to make you sign "white ribbon" pledges promising to never talk back to your female boss, are a start.

Bonus points if you can arrange your affairs so as to claim partial Centrelink (welfare) payments, to get a little bit of your own income back and further deprive the government of money for meddling "action plans".

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