Speaking up for men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Dear Editor:

Thank you for printing Stewart Epstein’s letter “Good men are not your enemies” in the April 25, 2019 issue.

As a woman, a graduate of an all-women’s college and a lifelong feminist, I find the prevailing attitude of hostility towards men very disheartening. I applaud Mr. Epstein for speaking up for good men, which are the great majority of men I’ve encountered. These men who care about and respect women are treated to a continual barrage of negative messages, with terms like “mansplaining,” “manspreading” and “toxic masculinity” imputing maleness as pathological.

If the script were flipped and women were referred to with such casual derision, the public outcry would be enormous. In contrast, men are supposed to shut up and listen, take it without complaint and suffer in silence. Women’s feelings of emotional comfort and safety are paramount, while men’s feelings don’t matter at all it seems.'

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does affirmative action and title ix handouts work, or not work, in women's colleges? seems to me it would be like playing poker w a deck full of aces. nobody ever loses. nobody ever wins. who gets preferences for limited funds? I can imagine we just pay for everything. another question: is gender studies the big draw, like engineering at a men's or military college, if any strictly men's colleges are still allowed? I doubt anybody here knows the answers, just something to ponder in a world full of princesses.

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