Student sues over non-issue Title IX "violations"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Marcus Knight, an autistic student with cerebral palsy, is suing Saddleback College after he alleges that his college record was "improperly" black-marked with two Title IX violations.

Knight, 19, first came to national attention in 2018 when his attempts to make friends landed him in the Title IX office. According to the lawsuit, Knight asked one female student for a "fist bump." Soon after, Knight asked to take a selfie with another student.

The "fist bump" was reported to the Title IX office. And the selfie? When Marcus took it, he accidentally pressed "burst" mode a few times due to his cerebral palsy. The result? Knight had quite a few selfies with the woman, but she later alleged that Knight took "over 300" photos of her.

Knight's mother spoke with PJ Media on Tuesday, explaining that "fist bumps" and selfies are ways that Knight develops a sense of belonging at college. "My son just wants to have friends like everyone else ... why is that wrong?"'

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