Yale suspended male student because of condom accident: Title IX lawsuit

Article here. Excerpt:

'An accused student is suing Yale University for concluding that the brief absence of a condom “during an otherwise consensual encounter” was sexual assault.

“John Doe” alleges that “gender bias was a motivating factor” in the decision against him by Dean of the College Marvin Chun, which resulted in his suspension.

He argues that the Ivy League school should have updated its sexual-misconduct procedures after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos* rescinded the Obama administration’s guidance on the subject in fall 2017.

The lawsuit was filed April 25. The senior sought a temporary restraining order that would let him “turn in his final papers,” arguing that he “may have classes in common” with his accuser if he’s required to repeat the semester in the spring. The judge overseeing the case denied his motion at a Friday hearing.

In its opposition to Doe’s motion, Yale argued that Doe knew he was sexually assaulting Roe when the condom fell off because she “froze.” That is a “very common reaction” by women who are sexually assaulted by a “known assailant.”'

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... policing students' sex lives anyway? It's perfectly legal to fuck w/o a condom. I do it all the time and guess what? It's not illegal. It's called *gasp* HAVING SEX. Oh my.

The great bulk of college students are 18 and over. They are free to fuck with or w/o a condom.

Alas they are also free to accuse each other of misconduct or assault if one of them fucks them w/o a condom EVEN IF she never asked him to use it... until AFTER his dick was inside her.

Things like this are what impel me to tell young men to go to men's colleges or to colleges still largely attended by men and have a very inactive social scene. Focus on school and becoming employable. Major in a subject with a definite ROI. Otherwise go learn a trade instead.

Fuck ordinary women and avoid college girls. Skip college completely unless you can avoid one with too many females. Funny things happen I have noticed when too many females congregate relative to the no. of males. Things like rape hysteria really take hold. This is counterintuitive. Back when colleges were 80% men, college women rarely worried about things like sexual assault. If they did, they didn't much let it bother them. Yet now that upwards of 70% of college kids are female, rape hysteria is at an all-time high.

I hear tell similar things happen at convents, of all places. Nuns get super worried about being raped when literally there are no men for miles and even if there were they wouldn't give a fuck about a bunch of nuns anyway.

I dunno what drives this bizarre phenom. in the female psyche but whatever it is, a wise man avoids it by going to college someplace with an abundance of fellow men relative to women -- assuming he can still find such a place.

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another once excellent school falls victim to affirmative action, reinforced by gov $$. uncle sugar strikes again. now one must wonder if there are really any people still there who were educated baa (before affirmative action)? odd how the media NEVER looks at how aa has influenced or degraded our institutions. oh wait, that would be a conflict as they are aa recipients as well. never mind.

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