Six female jail guards indicted for multiple unlawful invasive body searches

Article here. Proving once again that women too can both abuse authority and sexually abuse others *at the same time*. Well the two often do go together. Excerpt:

'Six female correction officers have been indicted amid allegations that women endured invasive body cavity and strip searches when they tried to visit loved ones in jail, horror stories that were unearthed in a series of I-Team reports.

The half-dozen suspects, including Leslie-Ann Absalom, a 53-year-old former Department of Correction captain, are accused of illegal searches at the Manhattan Detention Complex. They pleaded not guilty to charges including official misconduct, unlawful imprisonment and conspiracy at their arraignment early Monday afternoon.

Aside from Absalom, the indicted include officers Daphne Farmer, 49, Jennifer George, 32, Lisette Rodriguez, 51, Alifoa Waiters, 45 and Latoya Shuford, 36.

According to court documents, the correction officers routinely unlawfully strip-searched female visitors, including forcing them to remove their pants and underwear, touching their breasts and examining their genital areas. Four of the officers allegedly filed false paperwork to justify the illegal searches, prosecutors say. Ultimately, three visitors were arrested on the basis of charges stemming from those unlawful searches, prosecutors said.'

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