Winnie-the-Pooh voice actor accused of rape during divorce

Article here. A legal system that allows this kind of craziness is one that either really wants to discourage marriage or is just plain dysfunctional. Marriage can be hazardous to your sanity esp. if it's to a nutcase. Excerpt:

'Legendary Disney voice actor Jim Cummings — known for characters like Tigger, Mickey Mouse villain, Pete, and Winnie the Pooh — is currently locked in a bitter war with his ex-wife and she is claiming years of abuse by the star, including sexual assault, drug addiction and animal abuse.

Jim and Stephanie Cummings were married in 2001 and divorced a decade later, in 2011. They have two minor daughters, Johanna and Lulu, and have been arguing in an L.A. County courtroom over alleged incidents of abuse that occurred between 2011 and 2018, after the couple’s marriage fell apart.
The Disney star says he has tried to work out things “amicably” with his ex-wife but says, “She will have outbursts of hostility directed at me, and often change in her behavior and attitude comes without warning.”

He has also alleged she may have a mental health disorder and says she has been taking medication.

Jim is also very worried about his future with Disney, claiming Stephanie has threatened to ruin his longstanding career. He claims she threatened, “I will go and I will ruin your reputation … I am going to tell people Winnie the Pooh is a woman beating, drug addicted freak!”

He says the recent alleged outburst by Stephanie came after he had refused to take her to the premiere of the Disney movie “Christopher Robin” in 2018.'

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