College removes graffiti accusing more than 12 students of sexual misconduct

Article here. Excerpt:

'The college does not plan to investigate who posted a list of more than 12 students accused of sexual misconduct onto Little Building’s Boylston Street scaffolding on Thursday, according to a college official.

President M. Lee Pelton could not legally comment on whether or not any of the individuals named on the scaffolding have been involved in reported sexual misconduct incidents at the college.

“We will not tolerate sexual misconduct. Every single report of misconduct has been received and acted upon appropriately without exception,” he said in an interview.

An Emerson student posted a video of the list and the names written onto the scaffolding on Twitter early Thursday morning. More than 13,000 people viewed the video at the time of publication. Facilities Management used black paint to fully cover the names around 3 p.m. the same day.

Pelton declined to detail any backlash the college might have received from those listed on the scaffolding or their families. In a community-wide email sent Thursday evening, he said the college will remove any similar writings as the college becomes aware of them.

“Our cherished and long-held college value of basic fairness is undermined when members of our community accuse other members of violating the college’s code of conduct without the benefit of all the facts,” he wrote.'

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