University of California dares courts to make it provide due process to accused students

Article here. Excerpt:

'What a surprise that a former Obama administration official has expressed such contempt for the rule of law – again.

Suzanne Taylor, the interim systemwide Title IX coordinator for the University of California, has again dared the judicial system to force UC to abide by court rulings that found its sexual misconduct proceedings lacking in fairness to accused students.

She writes in a Daily Californian op-ed that the UC will pick and choose what it wants to follow in court rulings “unless and until we are absolutely legally required” to follow the full rulings. As noted by Brooklyn College Prof. KC Johnson, who chronicles Title IX litigation, UC has been on the losing end of 11 lawsuits by accused students.'

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they are not going to act like a school of higher learning and at least demonstrate they haven't completely lost their collective minds, then federal funding should be cut and their accreditation should be pulled. giving out diplomas based on race and gender has to stop. its obvious where it leads.

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