California mom, 41, will avoid jail for having sex with both of her teenage daughters' boyfriends

Article here. Excerpt:

'A California mom who had sex with both of her teenage daughters' boyfriends after plying them with alcohol and cigars will avoid a jail term.

Coral Lytle, 41, seduced both boys, aged 14 and 15, in the fall of 2017, driving the 15 miles from Tulare to Visalia for the illicit liaisons.

One of the victims said they had sex with the predator three times, the last time on October 5, 2017, but stopped the sordid meetings because of his guilt towards Lytle's husband.

Lytle was initially charged with 21 felony sex counts and faced a lengthy suspended prison sentence.

However, after reviewing her probation report, a judge said he did not believe the indicated a six-year suspended prison term with five years on probation was appropriate.'

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hey guys, according to the courts its now ok to have repeated sex w/ 14 & 15 yo girls. u will only get probation. another classic step forward for feminists and for cali.

sound like the courts have any real understanding of 'equal rights before the law'? apparently laws only apply to men, and I thought they could sink no lower. foolish me.

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