Australia: Push to block companies with no female directors from an IPO

Link here. Excerpt:

'There is a new push to ensure that companies looking to join the ASX {Australian Stock Exchange} have women on their boards before they list.

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)-led “30 per cent Club” is establishing a group with representation from investment bank and private equity companies, specifically those who advise on IPOs, that will look at a range of initiatives but ensure no companies going through an IPO list without female directors.
“We will connect them with executive search consultants and female directors so they have a pool of talented directors they can approach for board roles and we will work with them on promoting the companies that are listing to female directors.”

Flexible working the key to more women
A new study undertaken by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and AVID Property Group has shown just how valuable offering flexible work arrangements can be to attracting more women to management roles.
Other initiatives
The AICD is launching its 6th Chair’s Mentoring Program in August.

The program is AICD’s flagship board diversity initiative aimed at arming highly-experienced and qualified women with the right tools to become directors.'

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