Australia to bar visitors with domestic violence convictions

Article here. Excerpt:

'Visitors who have been convicted of violence against women and children will be kicked out or barred from entering Australia, Immigration Minister David Coleman said Sunday, as Canberra steps up its crackdown on foreign criminals.

The new laws, which came into force Thursday, build on existing legislation requiring visitor visas to be cancelled if the holder has been sentenced to 12 months or more in jail.

"Australia has no tolerance for domestic violence perpetrators," Coleman said in a statement, adding that no minimum sentence threshold was required.

"If you've been convicted of a violent crime against women or children, you are not welcome in this country."'

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The way this is quoted it seems they are concerned with DV vs. women and children. What about women who are convicted of DV? Presumably they are not barred from admission? Or are they?

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