Girls Have Always Been Better at School. Now It Matters More.

Article here. Excerpt:

'What makes girls better at school? Mainly “the higher incidence of behavioral problems (or lower level of noncognitive skills) among boys,” according to Goldin, Katz and Kuziemko. “Boys have a much higher incidence than do girls of school disciplinary and behavior problems, and spend far fewer hours doing homework.”

So that’s the cause of the education gender gap. Its consequences for politics, the economy and relationships are still playing out. I’m not about to begin trying to sort out all the political threads, but it seems like the higher-education gender gap may be related to growing partisan gaps by gender and education, as well as the fact that the Republican Party’s strongest base of support is now among non-college-educated white men. It has also surely played a role in an economic phenomenon that Bloomberg’s Jeanna Smialek wrote about in November: “Millennial males remain less likely to hold down a job than the generation before them, even as women their age work at higher rates.”'

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