Sex robots now porn stars as new series dubbed 'erotic Black Mirror' airs online

Article here. Don't know why feminists object to sex bots. They'll get men to stop pestering women for sex. Excerpt:

'Sex robots are now starring in raunchy PORN movies - as a new 18+ erotic TV series airs online.

Dubbed an 'erotic Black Mirror ', Future Darkly is a web sci-fi series forecasting the future of sexual fantasies, in case case a world where X-rated robots roam the earth as companions to human beings.

The first episode of the series, broadcast on X-rated ' Netflix of Porn' Adult Time, focuses on the sex-bots of tomorrow and features 'The Aura Doll', a leading sex robot made in North America.

The star is a woman called Becca who meets up with an older man named Robert with the aim of having a threesome - not with another human, but with Harper, his 'special companion'.'

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