Cal State slams the brakes on Title IX proceedings after courts repeatedly rule against universities

Article here. Excerpt:

'California appellate courts have repeatedly affirmed the rights of accused students in campus sexual misconduct proceedings in recent years.

Three of the rulings came against the University of Southern California, including two less than a month apart.

As it becomes increasingly clear that their procedures won’t survive judicial scrutiny, California’s largest university system has slammed the brakes on Title IX proceedings and others are rushing to comply with the growing body of law, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The most recent ruling bans a common system for Title IX investigations, where a “single investigator” also serves as “prosecutor, factfinder [sic] and sentencer,” and requires cross-examination of both parties and witnesses in live hearings.'

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'a single investigator serves as factfinder, prosecutor and sentencer'?

no wonder they have needed affirmative action, title ix, handouts and gobs and gobs of free stuff to compete. when they finally gain some measure of parity, they quickly show their marxist tendencies. poor, poor little victims will always be a joke as long as extra privilege is s.o.p.

oh, and please, call me sexist, racist or any other 'ist' or 'ism' you can fabricate to calm your current phobia. I want to be diff and free from whatever mental virus is infecting the current perpetual victim's class.

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