India: False rape claims rise

Article here. Excerpt:

'But last year, when Pavan Gupta* turned 24, his parents began pressuring him to marry. When they introduced him to a girl he liked, Gupta ended his relationship with his girlfriend, Geeta Jain, telling her he could not disappoint his parents. “I liked her but I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life with her. I always told her I was an only child and would have to go along with my parents’ choice,” says Gupta.

In March, as Gupta was preparing for his wedding, Jain went to the Delhi police and accused him of rape. She said she had slept with him only on promise of marriage and, since he had not married her, consent was procured on a false pretext, making the sex rape.

“Even if I had misled her and told her I’d marry her, it still wouldn’t make the sex rape. How can consensual sex for over a year be rape?” asks Gupta.
Something strange is going on in India. Women are becoming more educated and confident. Pre-marital sex is on the rise – a hotel chain called StayUncle offers rooms for an hour or two to couples seeking somewhere to have sex. But at the same time, so are the number of women alleging rape on false promise of marriage.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, a total of 38,947 rape cases were reported in India in 2016. In 10,068 cases – about a quarter – the women claimed it was rape on false promise of marriage. In Andhra Pradesh state, 45% of all rape cases filed in the past two years fell into the false marriage category.

“When a relationship ends, women who have had consensual sex make false accusations of rape under promise of marriage out of vengefulness, to hurt the man. Or they do it to extort money out of him, promising to withdraw the charge if he gives them what they want,” says lawyer Vinay Sharma.'

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... of looking at sex. India is still quite conservative, socially. AND YET, people love to f*ck. They seek out sex partners. Now that women are no longer kept penned up in the house all day or not allowed to work, they are getting around "unchaperoned" a lot more than in the past. They love to f*ck. So do men in India. Surprise! Nature has a way of taking its course.

In conservative societies, marriage comes before sex. Further, it is exclusive to the married couple. At least, as far as the public is concerned. So Indian women still subconsciously assume that having sex with a guy naturally leads to marriage, esp. if that is what she wants or is being pressured to do by her super-conservative parents. So when a sexual rel'p goes tits-up and esp. if her super-conservative parents find out she was playing hide-the-salami with some dude, naturally she gets a fish face-slapping from her elders. Her way out? Claim he proposed marriage then broke it off. The still-in-the-19th-century Indian laws allowed the courts to rule that breaking off an engagement after banging the future bride is tantamount to rape.

You see where this is going.

India has adjusted for women's political empowerment. But it has not also adjusted for women's sexual empowerment. It has to do both or else bullshit like this will continue.

Now let me tell you about America...

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