Yale Wellness center for women opens

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women of the Elm City can now enjoy their own wellness sanctuary that offers massage therapy, wellness classes and a sense of community.

The Well for Women celebrated its official ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday afternoon at the Blake Street Center. Owner Julie Robbins and her staff were joined by Mayor Toni Harp and other city officials to celebrate the sanctuary’s grand opening.

“The Well’s welcoming, accepting approach fits hand in glove with what New Haven stands for,” Harp said during her opening remarks. “I want to thank [The Well] for enhancing New Haven’s reputation for inclusion.”
Some of the work done ahead of the grand opening was funded through the city’s Main Street leasehold program, a community-focused renewal effort that the city is using to improve life in neighborhoods outside of downtown. Robbins was able to complete renovations of the space in two months with the help of a $9,500 matching grant from the program.

“This is a sanctuary and a safe space for women to come and know that nothing is going to happen,” Robbins told the New Haven Independent. “That they’re safe here and that we can build each other up in a positive community in that way and support each other in our self-care journeys together. I think it’s time for that.”'

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... in sewer system under the streets. Hot and cold running vermin.

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