Savior of porn appears in form of a lesbian

Article here. Feminists love to say porn is an invention of men meant to commodify women. And yet... seems these days the movers and shakers in adult entertainment are likely to be lesbians. Mannish ones, but lesbians nonetheless. Excerpt:

'But one speaker stood out. On the left side of the stage sat 37-year-old Bree Mills, a porn director, an actual outsider in the adult world, and the lone panelist to refrain from corporate-porn Newspeak. She is, in her words, a “shit disturber.”

Mills, a compact blonde with Clark Kent glasses and boy-band bangs, had come to talk about her latest polarizing project: Adult Time, a subscription service for high-budget, well-produced adult videos, series, and movies, and an archive of some 50,000 high-quality scenes. She’s calling it the “Netflix of Porn.”

But infeasibility is familiar territory for Mills. She first appeared on the porn radar in October of 2014, with the launch of an all-girl network called Girlsway, which produced several series with recurring characters and interwoven plotlines—an adult-content extended universe that fans quickly dubbed the “Marvel Comics of Lesbian Porn.” In September 2017, she followed up with a similar service called Pure Taboo, specializing in the now-ubiquitous genre “fauxcest,” which is, pretty much, what it sounds like. Neither project was expected to succeed—lesbian movies were long considered a money-loser in the adult world, and Pure Taboo was pretty out there (“It was so fucked up I thought it wasn’t legal,” one actor said). But both were huge hits—Girlsway consistently cleans house at the AVN Awards, and, just months after it launched, Pure Taboo took home five trophies, including Movie of the Year for a feature called Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy.'

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