Women’s March protester faces sex abuse charge for incident with Infowars producer

Article here. Excerpt:

'An Infowars video producer has accused a Women’s March protester of inappropriately touching him during the 2019 D.C. demonstration, according to a report on Wednesday.

Isabel O’Shaughnessy, 21, was charged with misdemeanor sex abuse, the Washington Post reported. Local police told the outlet the Catholic University of America student surrendered to law enforcement on Wednesday, but a Superior Court of D.C. judge released her.

Owen Shroyer, the reporter for the far-right website, alleges in the arrest affidavit that O’Shaughnessy intentionally grabbed him by his genitals during this month's rally while he was conducting an interview with another participant. He also shared a video of the incident online.

“Here is the moment I was sexually assaulted by a #WomensMarch2019 protester. She laughed about it. The crowd cheered. The police did nothing," Shroyer tweeted on Jan. 21, two days after the march.'

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Taste of their own medicine I suppose.

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The woman in the news clip clearly states that she grabbed the reporter by the genitals. The reporter complained immediately. The police showed no intention of intervening when this sexual assault was committed and confessed right in front of them. That reveals an entrenched culture of misandry practiced by the gate keepers of the American legal system, the protectors of the people.

This could be an opportunity for the courts to send a clear message to the community that sexual assault will always be treated seriously. Somehow I think everyone knows that's not going to happen. Given the evidence is pretty clear, the most this woman will get is a slap on the wrist; i.e. naughty naughty, sexual assault is not a "real" crime when its a political statement committed by a woman against a man or boy.

The message received by men and boys is also clear; some Americans are worthy of protection under the law, while others are not (guess).

This is female privilege in shameless public practice, which unlike male privilege, requires no convoluted feminist ideologically to be understood.

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