Canada: Proposed sexual assault court in Quebec long overdue

Article here. Excerpt:

'Contrary to some people’s misguided fears that a special court would circumvent accusers’ rights or eliminate the presumption of innocence, believing every victim’s testimony unquestionably, the goal isn’t to change the Criminal Code but to reform and improve both the way the laws are applied in Quebec and the process. The group has gone to great lengths to assuage those fears and made it clear during every appearance that the court would aim to centre both female and male victims’ needs without infringing on fundamental human rights.

“Our most important responsibility is to regain victims’ faith in our legal system,” said Hivon on TLMEP. “Because, right now it’s non-existent. But there is no intent to interfere with the presumption of innocence and with the fundamental rights of the accused. The idea of a specialized court is to re-establish trust in the system, to show that the system can adapt, and to rely on trained individuals who understand the particularities of sexual violence. And that will make a difference.”'

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