Mizzou official: Asking a smaller woman on a date violates Title IX

Article here. Excerpt:

'The University of Missouri believes that asking someone on a date can violate Title IX in certain situations. Its officials can’t agree on which situations, however.

In a motion for summary judgment filed on Christmas Eve, Jeremy Rowles shared excerpts of depositions with Mizzou officials from his federal lawsuit against the public university.

They suggest that male students should avoid asking out female students at all, particularly when the male is physically larger than the female.
Asked how Rowles used his “power or authority” to sexually harass Breaux – a phrase widely understood to mean instructors asking out students, or superiors asking out subordinates – Scroggs said he used his “physical size.”

Asked to clarify that “person of authority” doesn’t necessary mean a “teacher or boss,” Scroggs replied: “Well, I suppose it could; but in this case, no, I didn’t interpret it that way.”
Andy Hayes (left), who remains assistant vice chancellor for civil rights and Title IX, concurred that “power” isn’t tied to an “authority situation.” In her deposition, Hayes said: “I think there could be a feeling of that [abuse of ‘power’] just by the nature of your gender.”

Asked to clarify that she was saying the “power” provision “could apply to any situation with any man and any woman,” Hayes responded: “It could.”'

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By making asking girls out a tortiable offense, this forces women to do the asking. But everyone knows women only screw up the nerve to do that once in a blue moon, so the hidden agenda is to end dating entirely.

This must be because the uni must prefer the 4-F approach to relations between the sexes: Find, Feel, Fuck, Forget.

Now it makes sense. Dating is deprecated. Passe. Patriarchal. Fucking in the custodial closet in the quad is where it's at.

Never ask women on dates. Waste of time and money. I never do and yet... OK, I'll say no more. :)

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Women usually want taller men, so how can men win with rules like this? And men are still somehow expected to take the initiative and form relationships with women, or they're regarded as lacking maturity. But when they do and misjudge a woman's interest beforehand it can be "sexual harassment" or worse. This is unworkable for men.

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most of these hard core feminists pushing this crap are lezbos. of course they don't want men asking women out. more for them. people are stupid for listening to thus garbage, ultra-stupid for making lez-based policy. affirmative action is pushing half wits into positions of power. bad for everybody long term.

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... I don't do anything conventional in re women. I never ask women out. I don't try chatting them up. Not only is it a minefield but largely a waste of time. 99.999% of all such interactions don't result in any measurably positive outcome for the guy. Making conventional interactions with women fraught with bullshit has actually done men the favor of discouraging us from doing anything with them we used to do, ie, flirt, chat idly, etc. These activities are largely a waste of time. I don't miss them.

I cut right to the chase. There is a percentage of the female pop'n that actually loves to fuck for its own sake. They are a lot easier to detect if you know how to find/spot them. Then you simply ask them if they want to fuck. Half the time they say yes.

This 50% success rate is a lot better than the .00001% success rate men have when trying to nail women generally. The typical means such as flirting/dating are predictably failing approaches.

Most women know men are put off these days from talking to them so they don't expect us to try even if they want us to. Thus the expectation pressure is off us. We save loads of time and effort by no longer idly and uselessly talking to them. Tbh I don't miss it at all. In fact most times I am talking to a female I look forward to the interaction ending simply because I am not inclined to engage anymore in idle and esp. unproductive chit-chat. I rarely learn anything too useful from chatting with women. Not bc they are dumb or anything but bc they tend to engage more in token communications and protocol-centered stuff whereas I prefer to communicate to exchange substantive information.

Besides, you never know when one of them'll go all feminist on you and freak out if they think you looked too long at their tits. :)

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... the ulterior motives the Great Feminist Leaders have. Obviously if you are the kind of lesbian who hates men (and certainly most lesbians don't HATE men, they just don't want to fuck us) you naturally will seek to discourage women in general from seeking out contact with men. Making them think men are Evil Incarnate is a great way to do it.

This is hardly new though. The small percentage of gay women throughout history who despise men have often been prominent decriers of men. In the past though they were simply seen for what they were. Now however they have a platform and a powerful social movement as the vehicle to manifest their extreme misandry.

Should come as no surprise.

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