2020 Presidential Campaigns Are Screening Potential Staff For Me Too Problems

Article here. Excerpt:

'Rank-and-file women in politics have posed the question, quietly and through backchannels, for years. Is the new guy in charge a creep?

But as the Me Too movement heightens the expectations for political candidates and their campaigns, another much more powerful set of people has begun to do the asking: top aides to the many Democrats considering running for president in the 2020 election.

“We’re starting to ask those questions very, very directly, in ways where, previously, you’ve maybe just hinted at it,” said a senior staff member to a potential 2020 candidate. “Now you’re stabbing right at it. It’s a complete cultural change.”
The Democratic primary may include candidates like Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.) and Kamala Harris (Calif.), who have championed reforms to sexual harassment laws and drawn a hard line against public figures accused of misconduct, including former Sen. Al Franken, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and President Donald Trump. That invites scrutiny of every Democratic campaign for evidence that the party’s contenders are practicing its principles.
Rebecca Katz, a progressive strategist, is fielding a related set of inquiries: “Send me resumes of competent people that aren’t just white guys.”

“It used to be that campaigns wanted to look a certain way on the outside, but internally it was still the white boys in charge of the work,” Katz said. “And that is changing fast. … I’ve been in this business for over two decades, and all I can say is, finally.”
“Women have always had these whisper networks,” said the former campaign staffer. “Women have always done the unauthorized background checks to see if the people coming to work with them are total creeps. I think what’s different now is management will listen. There’s a return to the risk women take when they are honest about their professional lives.”'

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1. You are not white and male.
2. If you are male you must have the affirmation of any and all women who can be talked to that you are both not creepy and further that you are 100% on-board with Believe All Women and #MeToo.
3. You must support the promotion of all non-white males in politics and especially support the vaunting of female candidates regardless of their positions or beliefs.
4. You must actively dislike white males.

That said, and inconveniently, the three leading candidates the Dems have are all white men.

This means that the new staffers will need to support someone who they don't really want to support.

This is not a good way to set up your team for victory. A good analogy is the coaching team has a QB. However the coaching staff has been selected because they don't like the star QB for some reason. Further the rest of the team has been screened to make sure they are resentful of QBs and think they get too much attention.

Go team go! Go out there and win this game!

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mee too says women should always be believed, always. ahh, not so much too for me.

when I was a young virile lad of dating age, women almost always lied to me about their age. older women said they were younger and younger women said they were older. so what was the point of asking? many guys in prison today for that lie. many lied about their marital status. that proved very dangerous, for me. many lied about their reasons for seeing me. that too was dangerous, just in a diff way.

in my 20's women lied to me about their marital status, whether or not they were on birth control, and how many guys/gals they were having sex w/ at the time. to be fair, I lied to them too. tit for tat.

in my mid-life they lied to me about all of the above, plus they lied about their financial status and how many kids they have and of course, the many reasons for their past divorces. they were always his fault ya know.

as I go into my senior life era women don't lie to me as much. seeing as how I live on a farm and rarely interact w/ women in social settings, I find this time in my life most rewarding. as I am now finally, fairly wealthy, I am planning a trip around the world maybe next year. on the plus side, when the women around the world figure out my status and start telling me lies, I won't understand a single dam word they are saying. isn't life grand.

my new year's resolution is to create a song for next X-mas, the 12 lies/liars of X-mas. during the coming year, what w/ this being 'the year of the woman', i'm sure there will be plenty of lines created. maybe start like this:

* on the 1st day of X-mas my true love lied to me, 'I wiil always be faithful to thee'.

* on the 2nd day of X-mas my true love lied to me, 'I still love you dearly, and I will always be faithful to thee'.

* on the 3rd day of X-mas my true love lied to me, 'it was really only one time, I still love you dearly, and I will almost always be faithful to thee'.

* on the 4rd day of X-mas my true love lied to me, 'the kids are really yours dear, it was only one time, I still love you dearly, and I will always try to be faithful to thee'.

that was kinda fun. I just created a new fun thing to do on X-mas. being the liars they are, i'm thinking this #meetoo thingy will be a hoot to watch. maybe they should call this new year the year Marxism bloomed in the u.s. of the offended.

merry X-mas

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I am of a mind they are born programmed to lie to men. Here's my reasoning: Man has evolved. Evolution in a sexed species like humans tends to seek out efficiency. The def'n of efficiency is: The quality of reducing time and/or effort to achieve a certain end. "Efficiency" is always a relative term comparing 2 or more systems to each other or to themselves before and after modification, eg, "After our changes to it, the machine is now more efficient."

Entropy is the natural tendency for systems to decay/degrade, which is to say, to use less effort or time to do anything. It's the natural tendency for systems to become ever-more efficient as their energy supply becomes diffused/scattered. This is why life is an odd phenom. Life represents the gathering and storing of energy for use by itself later. Non-living systems such as rocks or stars don't gather energy but rather discharge it. They are entropic while living things are counter-entropic. But on the whole the universe is entropic. This is why to live is to be fighting an inherently losing battle.

For, even in counter-entropic systems, the tendency toward efficiency exists in spades.

Evolution is largely abt adapting to an entropic universe, ie, finding increasingly more efficient ways to live as a living being. One good way to maximize efficiency is to divide functions among individuals and have them specialize. Specialization leads to efficient use of resources.

Man is a fairly evolved being. One way we know this is we have become specialized to our environment. We have apposable thumbs, a huge innovation in limb design. Further we have maximized our reproductive variability via a sexed individual strategy and sexual reproduction.

Females of our species have further specialized for producing babies. Much of their body design is given to being a vessel for new people to be created. Males since they don't carry offspring are freed up to be designed to be very useful creatures largely to make sure the now-specialized females are safe to reproduce. It's been said any given animal is just a vessel for transferring its DNA and allowing it to survive and propagate. Possibly. But for sure in us humans, females have evolved to be progenitors of new humans while males have evolved to do 2 things, broadly: inseminate females for the purpose they serve our gene pool and then take care of them as they develop new people inside them then also after they birth them.

This has been the game plan for well over 99% of humanity's existence.

Only recently have ppl in the first world chucked this plan and are trying a new one.

Despite our social system changes, our brains and bodies are still as they were 10,000 years ago. No different, really. So our instincts say do X while our society says do Y.

Ppl tend to operate on instinct over 90% of the time.

That established... ask yourself, if you are the progenitor of humanity and lack the body or brain to survive well on your own in life b/c Nature so specialized you to be a progenitor vs. a being who can readily do things like kill animals with your bare hands, build huts out of branches, and move large objects to create safe zones away from danger for yourself and your fellow humans, what are you going to have to get very good at doing?

Remember, the future of the species rests on your soft feminine shoulders. WTF you gonna do to make sure you survive and get what you need?

Your children's lives are at stake.

Answer: Anything. Lie, cheat, steal, kill. Name it, you'll do it.

Now if you need to lie to members of the Other Half of Humanity to get from them whatever you need, will you?

Bet your ass.

Now to save time, is a female born knowing instinctively how to lie effectively to men better off than one who has to learn it?


So whose offspring will do well going fwd, the children of naturally good-lying females or ones slow to learn how to lie successfully to men?

Yep. And today's women are the descendents of women born with the natural ability to LIE to men as effectively as possible.

In short, they're born to it.

Now you could blame them. But blame a cat for chasing mice, too. The cat's just being a cat.

Likewise, lying women are just being women.

So when dealing w/ women on the personal level, expect them to lie. Call them on it and they'll lie some more. Further, they'll act all offended.

The way to deal with chronic female lying is to simply learn to spot it. Track it, make note of it. Learn to note the more benign lies and let her be female. She can lie, fine. Just when she tries to pull a big con on you, don't let her do it. But expect lots of little cons. It comes with the territory.

This is not much longer though. We'll have realistic sex droids soon and will be able to dispense with dealing with females going foreward.

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Wait for the lawsuits vs. the DNC for race/sex discrimination to start soon.

I suggest to men rejected for staff positions to get your heads out of your asses and realize what you are so strangely loyal to is a political machine that hates you *in se*. There is nothing you can do to pass their tests for acceptability now that the party machinery is in the hands of feminist/SJW types.

The DNC has only itself to blame. By DNC financiers neglecting to keep the party funded, The Vile One was able to swoop in and buy it at a firesale price.

Despite losing in 2016, The Hildebeast had the chance to load the machine up with hand-picked feminist/SJW soldiers for the local and regional offices. Once in place they could gate-keep for primaries and so on, letting in only the most "woke" types they could find. Now the DNC is filled with marginal nutcases from the academy and similar backgrounds who want to see anyone non-white and/or non-male, pref both, put into office, regardless of how nutty and/or feckless he or she is.

And ppl are still voting for these loons.

Well as they say, in a republic, you get the gov't you elect. You elect the gov't you deserve. You deserve the gov't you elect -- b/c you elected it.

And that's that.

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I agree that specialization in society permits us to progress. the creator surely had that in mind in his design, as the force that would allow human society to survive and evolve beyond the cave. however, I believe what has happened is that the liar has devolved. females have recognized the act that most guys will do anything for is sex. all else becomes secondary to men who can't get some loving. also, most guys are now being raised almost exclusively by these liars. iow, they are being taught to lie, steal, cheat, etc. to get what they want. crime stats bear this out. no longer do they, after a certain age, spend large blocks of time regularly being taught to do the things men are programmed to do. going out for days at a time w/ a father or w/ a group of men hunting/building/etc. teaches boys to be men. that is where masculinity evolves into manhood. today masculinity is discouraged in young males and we see the results. this only reinforces the argument put out by feminists that masculinity is a bad thing, and w/o proper direction it can be a transformed into something harmful. its a destructive loop ultimately leading males to become more and more feminized, the feminists ultimate goal.

as I have progressed in my profession, I have become much more interested in the study of ancient societies. I looked 1st mostly at their const. techniques, their treatment of basic resources, like water and so forth. what has blindsided me is the apparent coverup going on of this ancient history, and with it the growing awareness by myself and many others that there were once much more technically advanced societies here than what we have been told by historians. the ruins in Peru, Egypt, the U.S. and many, many other places speak to a scientific knowledge that somehow did not get passed down to the present. there are obvious signs of advanced technical and engineering knowledge in the production of many megalithic structures being unearthed by archeologists and others digging in the ground. we have all heard stories about how past civilizations were destroyed by objects falling from space, or volcanos, floods or whatever. my point here being is that it appears advanced civilizations have come and gone, all over the earth. some of these advanced peoples had significant tech we don't possess. there are machine cut stone we would have trouble moving or reproducing today. heck, we don't even have a good handle on their purpose. people recently emerging from hunter/gather societies did these marvelous works? they didn't even have the tools hard enough to produce these works in many instances. even as digging goes further, we can see that recent peoples, although they claim their ancestors built these gigantic structures, didn't. its obvious, and it can easily be seen where one tech stopped and another, much more primitive tech moved in.

ok i'm getting to the point. what if this happens again? what if tomorrow the worldwide temp dropped 10- 20 deg on average? or what if we get hit again by another comet or asteroid? could we as a society continue? will females know how to react to being flung into the old equation where she is the keeper of the fire and cooks and tends to the family? will males learn what they have not been taught, manhood, overnight? utter destruction of advancing civilizations apparently has happened before, and maybe more than once or twice. think about it.

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