Modern feminism is no less sexist than the misogyny it claims to fight

Article here. Excerpt:

'Modern-day, third-wave feminism is no less sexist than the misogyny it claims to fight. Often, feminists will place a veil of supposed progress over an actual promotion of inequality in an attempt to appeal to the masses. They believe this makes their message more palatable. In reality, it only highlights what drives them.

Lately, feminists have been promoting the "future is female" idea, as if success as a people or a nation is found in one gender alone. This supremacist mindset does nothing to right the legitimate wrongs of the past. Instead, it overcorrects and declares that sexism is wholly acceptable so long as you're demeaning men.

In the midterm elections, the Democratic Party saw plenty of gains. That small wave secured a lower house majority. Of the incoming congressional freshmen, 42 are women. Out of that number, only four are Republicans. (Overall, 102 women won their races. Eighty-nine are Democrats.) To those who push a divisive "new sexism" that promotes women over men, this excites them and only fuels more rhetoric. In their minds, the election results prove that Democrats support women and want them to succeed while Republicans don't.'

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