Nick Cannon Defends Kevin Hart By Posting Homophobic Tweets from female comedians

Article here. Excerpt:

'“Interesting I wonder if there was any backlash here,” Nick Cannon said, captioning a 2010 tweet posted by Chelsea Handler which said, “This is what a fag bird likes like when he flexes.”

Cannon continued, this time sharing a 2010 tweet from Sarah Silverman that said, “I dont mean this in a hateful way but the new bachelorette’s a faggot.”

Cannon captioned that tweet saying, “And I fucking love Wreck-It Ralph!” — Sarah Silverman stars in the hit animated film, voicing the character Vanellope.'

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The point is that the mob is selectively outraged. Nasty homophobic tweets from men get them crushed while the same from women... meh.

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