Rubio takes on Gillibrand's "The future is female" line

Article here. Excerpt:

'Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio hit back at Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Wednesday after she insisted that the future is “female” and “intersectional.”

“Our future is: Female, Intersectional, Powered by our belief in one another,” Gillibrand tweeted.

Rubio quickly responded with a rebuke of Gillibrand’s focus on identity politics, insisting instead that the future is “AMERICAN.” (RELATED: Rubio Backs Trump On Nationalism: ‘President Trump Is Right To Embrace The Label’)

“An identity based not on gender, race, ethnicity or religion,” Rubio continued. “But on the powerful truth that all people are created equal with a God-given right to life, liberty [and] the pursuit of happiness.”'

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Using such a word as if it will do to connect with people at large merely serves to show how in her own little world she is.

Platform: female supremacy, intersectionalism, and mutual belief in one another.

She may as well be running on a platform of free cat shit for all toddlers.

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