Doña Ana County DA's office defends handling of 'No Mansplaining' signs

Article here. Excerpt:

'The office of District Attorney Mark D'Antonio presented its case against a prohibited practices complaint at a hearing before the Public Employee Labor Relations Board on Monday.
Office manager Yvette Sierra testified that when she first noticed a sign on Brulotte's door bearing the legend "No Mansplaining" with a circle and a slash through it similar to a "No Smoking" sign, she did not know what it meant but worried it was discriminatory against men.

Two supervisors at the office, deputy DA's Heather Chavez and Daniel Sewell, testified that they agreed with Sierra, although both admitted only passing familiarity with the slang term.

"I did not find the sign personally offensive," Chavez stated. "I just felt that it's a gender-specific term typically used in a negative context."

Sewell said that after Sierra brought the sign to his attention he asked Brulotte what the sign meant. He recalled her defining mansplaining as "the idea of men speaking down to women in a condescending way," and that she described it as a joke.

"Because it was a joke only directed at men and not at women, that made it inappropriate," Sewell said.'

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