UK: Juries have no place in rape trials

Article here. Excerpt:

'If we did get rid of juries, we would need more than a judge who has undergone specialist training. Perhaps one option would be to appoint a panel of assessors, such as those that sit on discrimination cases, all of whom would have expertise in issues relating to sexual violence. Panellists could help inform the judge in the case about relevant issues, and remind them of some of the facts as well as the myths; for example, people of all ages, from babies to elderly women are raped (sexual attraction has nothing to do with it); not shouting “no” does not mean consent; and the idea that alcohol is the new short skirt – that a drunk woman is signalling she’s “up for it”.

Until we do something to reform the system no one has the right to ask women why they didn’t report it before – a question all too often aimed at some of the high-profile women linked to the #MeToo movement.

Jury-free rape trials should be piloted and rigorously evaluated. At the same time, the CPS should take advice from Alice Vachss, who, when she was a special sex crimes prosecutor in New York, took every case to court where there was a credible statement from the complainant. Vachss secured a conviction in 80% of her cases. In England and Wales, we are barely skimming 6% from a reported rape to conviction, and evidence has emerged that suggests the CPS is choosing to drop “difficult” cases.'

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Because it doesn't always produce the results feminists want.

The "believe all women" tells us to believe women when they say they were raped. But some women make statements that indicate the sex was consensual and the woman would like to see the man again. In those instances, of course, we're not supposed to believe the woman--her statements were the result of being "traumatized."

In other words, we believe the woman when she says he's guilty, but don't believe the woman when she says he's innocent.

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Wouldn't want fair trials getting in the way of convicting all those toxic male rapists. Bring on the tribunal revolutionnaire, full of feminist ideologues and misandrists. A much better solution with a 100% conviction rate.
Soon they'll be demanding re-education camps, castration and the return of the death penalty.

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