Only university in UK with men's officer scraps role after its sole candidate 'suffers harassment'

Article here. Excerpt:

'The only university in the UK with a men’s officer has scrapped the role after the candidate withdrew due to “harassment”.

James Knight put his name forward to be men's officer at the University of the West of England, but claims he was harassed, and has withdrawn. He was the only candidate in the race.

The University of the West of England told The Telegraph that the position has now been suspended pending review.

The roles of transgender and women’s officers have also been brought in this month.

Knight said he stood to highlight "the poor state of mental health services at UWE" and told a student paper: "I know how deeply mental health issues can run in men and how much of a taboo it can be for men to talk about their mental health."'

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Two quick searches of the the University of Western England official web site reveal the extent of entrenched misandry in the university culture.
Search for misandry found no results. Search for misogyny found hundred of hits.
Search for "International Men's Day" found no results. Search for "International Women's Day" found hundreds of hits.
Says it all. Ideological driven gender hatred appears to more high valued than an evidence based approach to understanding our world, at UWE.

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